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Ocean Isle Golf Cart Rentals

Ocean Isle Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts are a cost-effective way to get around from place to place without having to walk long distances. However, it is becoming more common to see golf carts off of the golf course and in mainstream traffic. While you won’t see a golf cart zooming down the interstate, in places like Ocean Isle, it is not uncommon to see a golf cart on the road. Believe it or not, there are golf carts in Ocean Isle that are street legal, which means you can drive them anywhere you would drive a car. If you are visiting the area and want to visit the most number of places, Ocean Isle golf cart rentals may be the answer you have been looking for. The best place to find Ocean Isle golf cart rentals is Cary Cart Company. 

What You need to know about Cart Rentals  

At Cary Cart Company, you can reserve however many golf carts you would like for the day, but if you are not back by the cut off time, you will be charged for an additional rental day. We only accept debit or credit cards, which means that we cannot accept cash payments for rentals. Our weekly rentals can be enjoyed on Saturdays, which is a great day to get out and see the local sights. Anyone who chooses to cancel will not receive a refund unless they cancel within twenty four hours of the scheduled rental. At Cary Cart Company, we take a great amount of pride in offering fully functional golf carts for tourists and locals to ride around. We strive to provide the best rental prices and customer service in the area.  

More than Just Golf Cart Rentals  

While we do provide golf car rentals in Ocean Isle, our company is capable of so much more. We have a long history of providing customized golf cart construction for hundreds of customers. Our reviews are glowing with positive feedback about our craftsmanship and attention to detail. No matter what your specifications are, our team can create a golf cart that will meet your needs. It is our mission at Cary Cart Company to provide the best level of customer care and service. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we will not rest until you are completely happy with the golf cart we create. While we are a North Carolina based company, we can ship built golf carts anywhere they are wanted.  

Luxury Golf Carts to Ride in Style 

At Cary Cart Company, we provide a line of luxury golf carts that will allow you to ride in style. If you are ready for the ultimate when it comes to style and comfort, our luxury models are just what you are looking for. For more than fifteen years, we have been serving the local community and the country with our top of the line services. It does not matter if you are looking to rent a golf cart for a few hours or if you want to design your own unique cart, our team can meet your needs.  

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