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Ice Hockey Stick Tape

When the great sport of hockey started changing from wooden sticks to plastic ones, the type of tape that was used needed to evolve as well. However, not all brands of hockey tape actually accounted for the materials that new plastic sticks would be made of, which ultimately caused problems with their hockey tape sticking when and where it was supposed to. Most new plastic hockey sticks are made with carbon fiber or graphite, and the type of tape that is used on these types of sticks needs to be different than the type that you would use on a wooden stick. There are a lot of differences between wooden sticks of the past and their modern counterparts. If you are looking for a quality tape that will not let you down, you need to count on our team at North American Tapes.

Ice Hockey Stick Tape

Hockey stick tape is a must have item in the world of ice hockey because it has an important job. Using tape that is not up to par could put you in a pickle that you do not want to be in, which is why you should only use quality tapes that have a long history of providing optimal performance. At North American Tapes, we have exactly what you are looking for. Our range of products is nothing short of impressive, as we strive to provide a wide inventory of hockey tapes to choose from. We offer patterns in a variety of prints and colors, which means that you are sure to find something that matches the colors or patterns of your home team. Our company has revolutionized the world of hockey tape by creating products that raise the bar. Our team at North American Tapes would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about the tape we have in stock.

Proven Quality Working for You

At North American Tapes, we are dedicated to providing high quality tape that is made with the finest craftsmanship. We provide friendly customer service that responds to issues quickly. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line products at the lowest possible price. You should be able to enjoy the sport that you love the most without having to burn a hole in your wallet. You should know that you can count on our team at North American Tapes to help you pick out the tape that will look great on your stick without slipping or falling off. Nothing is worse than tape that doesn’t properly stick, and in hockey, you need high performance tape that will last.

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you should have any questions about our hockey tape options, you should not hesitate to contact us via phone or on our website. We would be happy to explain the proprietary technology that has set the standards for hockey tape. Share your product story with us via our online form. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and learning about your needs.

Ice Hockey Stick Tape
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